Here’s the latest from the ODOT Coalition Bargaining Team, your member-elected representatives who negotiate on behalf of workers at ODOT, DMV, ODFW, ODF, OPRD, OWRD, ODA and DOGAMI.

On March 31, the ODOT bargaining team met with management for our fourth session. This was the last session to introduce new issues and our team passed six proposals for a total of twelve this cycle.

Our new proposals would:

  1. Improve break scheduling for Incident Response
  2. Improve layoff language for OPRD
  3. Address substandard and maintenance issues at ODFW housing
  4. Improve uniform, boot and tool allowances
  5. Clarify inclement weather and hazardous condition language at ODFW
  6. Improve safety and training for CDL requirements at ODFW

We have not yet heard back on our earlier proposals regarding steward language, improved on-call, comp cash-outs, break language and improved safety.

Some big picture reports from Central Table include status quo on health insurance, steps both years of the contract, and management proposed a 3.85% COLA. In addition, thanks to the power and voice of the Union, management has decided to take the hourly pay computation structure off the table for the time being. Be sure to read the update from Central Table on dozens of proposals regarding pay differentials, hazardous conditions and essential worker issues.

You can find the entire current contract including existing Letters of Agreement here.

We continue to meet every other Wednesday as we dig into counter proposals and receive their responses to our proposals. We need your support at your worksites to make your bargaining team as strong as can be at the table. Read more information on campaign actions and events.

Members from the ODOT bargaining team will host a virtual update gathering on Thursday, April 29 from 5:30-6:30pm. Join us to hear progress and ask questions about our negotiations on wages, benefits and other workplace issues.