Big news! We have a Tentative Agreement at the ODOT table, hard-won by the ODOT Coalition Bargaining Team, your member-elected representatives who negotiate on behalf of workers at ODOT, DMV, ODFW, ODF, OPRD, OWRD, ODA and DOGAMI.

On June 30, the bargaining team and management reached a tentative agreement on all remaining items, including gains made on the items listed below. Stay tuned for a complete and comprehensive summary of the ODOT Coalition’s Tentative Agreement.

  • Article 103.3 – Safeguards for handling hostile members of the public. We expanded and updated language that provides provisions for employees that experience behaviors from members of the public that are intimidating, hostile, threatening, violent or abusive.
  • Article 122.3 – Uniforms, Protective Clothing and Tools. We got an increase for the ODOT and ODF tool allowance to $1,000; the ODF seasonal boot allowance can now roll over for a year to total $250 the second year; and DOGAMI was added to the article.
  • Article 10 – Stewards’ rights (ODOT, DMV, ODFW, OPRD). We improved language to allow for more stewards and in more worksites, as well as the explicit right to travel on state time for representational meetings involving district management or HR.
Make a Quick Call to the Governor
Central Table is still hard at work, and we have a pathway to win some pandemic hero back pay in addition to cost of living adjustments (COLAs). While a recent bill for Essential Worker Pay failed in the legislature, essential workers across Oregon can get the recognition they deserve for working through a pandemic through our contract negotiations.

Your member-elected bargaining team is working hard to win significant COLAs for everyone, as well as Essential Work Pay/Hero Pay/Pandemic Recognition Pay for the non-telecommuting hours that State employees have worked since March 2020. Make a quick phone call in support of these economic proposals still at play, and encourage your co-workers to make the call as well.