Things are hot outside and at the bargaining table as we approach deadlines. Here’s the latest from the ODOT Coalition Bargaining Team, your member-elected representatives who negotiate on behalf of workers at ODOT, DMV, ODFW, ODF, OPRD, OWRD, ODA and DOGAMI.

On June 23, the bargaining team met with management to pass back and forth modified proposals toward agreement. We reached a tentative agreement on three packages!

Package 1: Comp time pay-out and Forestry Standard Assignment
Article 60.3C: Improves standard assignment language; Removes minimum number of required hours in each 8-day of a Standard Assignment in order to qualify for the Incident Management Rest. Also, when assignment is out-of-state or international in nature, travel time will count towards days worked.
Article 32.3: Increased annual mandatory comp time pay-out from 80 hours to 120 hours on a December 31 deadline for February 1 payout.
Article 45.3C: Removes outdated language about a promotion list from ODF.
Article 58.3: Moved a long-time LOA into permanent language just in case DMV ever implements Saturday hours (no indication the agency is planning to do this at this time)

Package 2: OPRD improvements
Article 70.3B: Changed Geographic Area for Layoff from 50 air miles to 25 air miles.
Continued an OPRD Letter of Agreement for Boot Allowance Eligibility Education.
Incorporated into the contract Letter of Agreement 66.3B-11-206 for OPRD Vacation Requests.

Package 3: Letters of Agreement (Continue, Sunset, Incorporate, Modify)
Continuing: DMV Telework Project (26.3A-20-389); ODOT Motor Carrier Overtime (32.3A-03-84); ODOT/OPRD Premium Pay (32.3AB-19-353)
Sunsetting: OPRD 2020 Seasonals (71.3B-20-385); OWRD Internet Usage Review (00.00-19-350); ODOT Motor Carrier (26.3A-20-382); ODF LMC that was specifically tasked with a uniform issue (122.3C-19-352)
Incorporating into the Contract: DMV holiday scheduling (58-3A-15-265); ODOT MCEO work schedules (90.3A-99-36); ODOt Astoria Drawbridge Operations (90.3A-99-37)
Continuing with modification (updates position titles): DMV Recruitment & Retention Differential—Administrative Specialist 1 (26.3A-13-250)

A few proposals remain in debate on:
Article 103.3 – Safeguards for handling hostile members of the public.
Article 122.3 – Uniforms, Protective Clothing and Tools.
Article 10 – Stewards’ rights.

From the Central Table
The Central Table is a separate bargaining process that determines wages and other statewide issues. There is a lot moving here, including raises, steps, hazard pay, essential worker differential, working remotely and hazardous conditions. Central Table continues to meet weekly to advance economic proposals and you can read Central Table updates here.

Make a Quick Call to for Essential Worker Pay
Whatever we call it – essential worker pay, hero pay, hazard pay, pandemic pay—we know that essential workers in our union deserve to be respected, protected and paid for the additional risks that come with working through a pandemic. But we learned this week that the State Legislature will not pass the essential worker pay proposal. Essential workers across Oregon will not get the recognition they deserve for working through a pandemic. At least not right away. For union members, there is another way forward: contract negotiations.

Your member-elected bargaining team is meeting with the state this week, and their top economic priorities moving forward will be a proposal on hazard pay for essential workers and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) for everyone. Learn more and make that quick phone call.