On May 26, the bargaining team met with management until pretty late into the evening. Our top priorities remain supporting a better work-life balance, improving stewards’ rights and increasing workplace safety. We passed a lot during the last session and await management’s response.

Management proposed two packages, which included:

  • Article 122.3 – an increase in the tool allowance alongside rejecting our proposal that ODFW provide uniforms rather than a capped reimbursement.
  • Article 10.3 – revision on stewards’ rights.
  • ODFW housing and CDL revisions.

We responded to management with proposals on:

  • Article 70.3B – improving conditions for any future OPRD layoffs given experience with covid in 2020.
  • ODFW counters on housing, CDLs and scheduling.

We continued conversations on: 

  • Article 103.3 – Safeguards for handling hostile members of the public.
  • ODFW scheduling.
  • Stewards’ rights.

Next Steps!
We are hitting a point in bargaining when we need a show of support to push for our positions. Here’s how you can help:

  • Send an email to the Department of Administrative Services in support of your bargaining team.
  • Attend our 30 min virtual bargaining session at 6PM on June 9th. Contact Lesley Adams if you are interested in supporting your team.
  • Talk to your co-workers about bargaining and share this quick online action with them.
  • Join us for a Teletown hall on Thursday, June 24 at 6:30pm to hear a bargaining update and discuss next steps. Our Teletown hall system will directly call you when the meeting starts, and we will email you the week of the event with details.​​​​​