On March 10 the bargaining team met with management to continue discussions about existing Letters of Agreement and whether to continue, sunset, or roll them into the contract. Some examples of Letters of Agreement include call-back clarification and stand-by/on-call at hatcheries.

You can find the entire current contract including existing Letters of Agreement through this link.

We have passed five new proposals that would:

  • Improve and simplify steward language
  • Improve on-call language at ODOT
  • Find better balance with annual comp time cashouts
  • Improve and update break language
  •  Improve safety with regard to working with hostile clients/individuals.
We will continue to meet every other Wednesday for the next several months, and we need your support at your worksites to make your bargaining team as strong as can be at the table. For the latest info, actions, and events, visit Seiu503.org/IAmEssential.