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Cash assistance for SEIU 503 members impacted by COVID-19

In times of need, we’re stronger if we pull together and lift each other up. That’s why our Union created a COVID-19 hardship fund to provide cash assistance to any SEIU member who has faced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Since March, SEIU members have provided more than $200,000 to 1,031 members in need. The generosity and strength within our union is inspiring.

Apply for hardship assistance here

Donate to the hardship fund here


A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Steve Demarest“The SEIU 503 Board of Directors is thrilled to announce a $100,000 contribution to the COVID-19 hardship fund. We’re stronger together and in times of need that means doing everything we can to help each other out.”

—Steve Demarest, President of SEIU 503




A smiling headshot of Melissa Unger, executive director of SEIU Local 503

“The COVID-19 public health crisis is exposing problems throughout our economy, and the response must be to lift each other up and make sure that the recovery centers working families. The hardship fund is one way our Union can help people in need.”

—Melissa Unger, Executive Director of SEIU 503.