We met with management again on Wednesday, May 12 for another productive session of negotiations. We were able to sign another tentative agreement that was specific to our Letters of Agreement where two of the Unions positions on LOA’s were altered. One LOA was a particular victory for workers at PERS who after many years finally have a policy around use of agency internet during non-work hours. The other LOA 132.5 E was an agreement to sunset the LOA for DAS OSCIO CJIS criminal background checks that is no longer needed.

Article 45.5 Q, V DCBS, WCB. This was a resubmission of the Unions previous proposal that streamlined our initial proposal to remove duplicative language and more accurately sought our goal of a guaranteed interview for job applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and also gives them first consideration prior to the agency posting the position more broadly.

There were also two management counter proposals that we were able to return Union counter proposals back to management on the same day. It was great to have a few proposals go back and forth for the first time. We felt like progress occurred.

Article 71.5 N – Revenue Seasonal Employees. Management countered our initial proposal and reduced the amount of time the agency would give employees to respond to where or not they accepted the extension from 10 days to 48 hours. The Union was able to submit a counter proposal that was greater than 48 hours and clarified that it was work days and not calendar days.

73.5 A – Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD) Academic year employees. Management countered the Unions proposal by creating a committee to review different payment schedules once the workday payroll system was implemented. We countered with language that better aligned with the new payroll process negotiations happening at the Central table.

LOA 27.5 An Oregon School for the Deaf (OSD) Salary Increase for coaching pay rates. Management provided us with a counter proposal which accepted our language on sports coordinators and rejected our proposal for advisory positions that are currently staffed by teachers.

Article 26.5 Leadwork assignment. Management provided a counter proposal that moved our proposal to an LOA because they felt that it was not a proposal, they could support being in the section that is designed to represent differential pays. Their proposal eliminated many of our priorities but also is a great starting point to allow more consistent reviews of leadwork assignments.