Negotiations have begun for our next collective bargaining agreement! The Specials Coalition table includes the following agencies: ODE, OSL, OST, DAS, Commission for the Blind, PERS, DOJ, OHCS, TSPC, DOR, DCBS, BOLI, DVA, WCB, HECC and the Licensing Boards. At our coalition table, we will be negotiating any language that is specific to this group or these individual agencies.

We’ve had two initial meetings with management. In our first meeting, we set the ground rules and presented our first proposal in the form of a letter of agreement or “LOA.”

  • Our first LOA would allow more flexibility around the need for breaks in high call volume areas.

In our second meeting, we made two proposals to modify current contract language and presented our position on another existing LOA.

  • The first proposal would expand flexibility for workers seeking a flexible or alternate work schedule to achieve a healthy work-life balance.
  • The second proposal would eliminate antiquated language that prevents some DOJ employees from accruing compensatory time when they worked overtime.

In future meetings we will be negotiating with management over these and other issues that members raised in our bargaining surveys. At the same time, our counterparts at the statewide central table, will begin negotiation over things like pay and benefits that impact all state employees in Oregon.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the pledge to support your specials coalition and statewide bargaining team as we go into negotiations over wages, benefits and other workplace issues.