We met with management again on Wednesday May 19th to continue our negotiations. Here’s a summary of the progress we made.

Article 101.5 Q,V DCBS WCB – Safety and health. We spent time hearing from OSHA workers about their experiences through the pandemic. These workers have experienced doxing, threats to themselves on the job, their families, and homes. We appreciated having an opportunity for management to hear from the workers why our proposal is necessary for these workers to feel supported in keeping all Oregon workers safe. We did not pass any proposals during the session but are hopeful that these testimonies will lead to a response from management at our negotiations next week.

Article 71.5 N Revenue – Seasonal Employees. Our proposal revolves around giving employees advanced notice when a season is ended early or extended to meet agency need. The proposal has been back and forth between the Union and management. Management sent us a proposal that reduced our last request of 5 days for the most senior employees to accept an extension to the season to 2 calendar days. The Union countered at 3 working days.

Article 45.5Q,V DCBS WCB – Filling of Vacancies. This proposal was written to give current DCBS, and WCB employees who meet the minimum qualifications for a vacant position the ability to have first consideration when management fills a vacant position. We received a counter proposal from management that changed the term first consideration to full consideration. Management explained that they always strive to fill from within the agency when the applicant is the most qualified and employees are fully considered but wanted to ensure their right to hire the person most qualified. Full consideration is positive movement from the agency and the union accepted the change and we came to an agreement with management on this article.

LOA 26.5 Specials Coalition – Leadwork assignments. Our initial proposal was to modify article 26.5 to allow more people an opportunity for leadwork assignments and development opportunities through a competitive process every 2 years in addition to peer review of leadwork performance. Management proposed moving this language to an LOA and otherwise met a few of our needs and concerns but showed some movement. This week we sent a proposal back that left the language as an LOA and also wrote language that would allow for individual agencies to review their processes at LMC and put back some of our previous language around peer reviews annually.

Management also passed a packaged proposal on Article 132.5 N Revenue – Criminal background checks.  The agency has many LOA’s regarding criminal background checks and our team has not had time to fully evaluate the merits of this package.