2.5% Incentive for PTO and Hazard Pay

The Oregon Legislature approved a program to support nursing facilities in adopting employment policies that protect employees during the COVID-19 crisis. The Department of Human Services will provide an incentive payment equal to 2.5% of Medicaid revenue for the months of May-July 2020 but employers must provide PTO, agree that workers cannot be fired for calling out sick due to COVID, and employers must provide hazard pay to people at risk of exposure. Read the full letter here.


SEIU 503 signed an agreement in May with Prestige covering hazard pay, paid time off and more. Click here to read the full Letter of Agreement.


May Extension, Hazard Pay and More

SEIU reached an agreement in May to extend previous LOA language and to create hazard pay for employees. Click here to read the full Letter of Agreement.

Lauerlhurst COVID Recovery Unit

SEIU 503 signed an agreement with Avamere explicitly covering employees at the Lauerlhurst COVID Ward. Click here to read the full Letter of Agreement.

March 20 initial agreement with Avamere 

SEIU 503 has signed a letter of agreement with Avamere, one of the largest nursing home chains in Oregon. Click here to read the full Letter of Agreement.
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Key Points:

  1. The employer will communicate to employees about any potential risk or workplace exposure to COVID 19.
  2. Employees unable to come to work due to a confirmed case of  COVID 19 will be paid for scheduled shifts missed due to the illness.
  3. Avamere agrees to create a pool of Paid Time Off (PTO) hours for employees to access BEFORE using their own leave in the event that they must miss work due to COVID-19. If an employee exhausts their leave they will be able to access future PTO hours, with the amount determined based on years of service.
  4. Employees unable to come to work due to pandemic-related childcare issues, like daycare closures and school closures, can also draw on the pooled PTO bank.
  5. No one will be disciplined for calling out through the duration of this agreement.
  6. Employees who work are eligible for up to $50 a day in childcare reimbursement for pandemic-related loss of care during school hours.
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided by Avamere, based upon the availability of supplies, in accordance with state and federal agency guidelines including recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control whenever possible.