72,000 people. 700 leaders. All working together for better wages and benefits, a voice on the job, and to grow our union.

SEIU 503 is a democratic, member-run union of 72,000 people who work as care providers or in public service jobs around the state. In 2020, we will elect more than 700 leaders to a variety of positions, such as the Board of Directors, sub local officers, and statewide officers. The people in these roles will shape the work of our Union over the next two years as we bargain strong contracts, represent workers, and grow.

Running for office and voting in union elections is the best way that you can shape the course of our Union. Your voice matters. Add it to the conversation.

2020 Sub Local Election Information

Sub locals are smaller groups, within the statewide SEIU 503 umbrella, that represent specific bargaining units. There is a homecare workers sub local, a higher education sub local, non-profit sub locals, numerous state and local government sub locals, and more.

  • Sublocal election timelines are available here, in addition to being mailed to every SEIU 503 member on December 12.

Nominate yourself or another member

Please click here to submit a nomination for a sublocal election.

You may nominate yourself or another member of our Union. Note: The nomination form will not allow you to submit a nomination before the nomination window opens. See the sub-local election timelines for nomination dates and additional information.

Election Results!

Click here to see the results from Sub-local elections. They’re posted on a rolling basis based on election timelines.

Additional Resources

Or, check out information about our current leadership.