Renae Bracken

Region 02: South Valley • Benton, Lane, Lincoln & Linn Counties

Osiyo/Greetings fellow SEIU503 Members.

I am Renae Bracken, a proud Cherokee Citizen and member of the Willamette Tsa-La-Gi At-Large Cherokee Community of Oregon. I am a State Worker employed with the Oregon Department of Justice in the Child Advocacy Section located in Eugene, Oregon. I belong to sub-local 137 and serve as our Vice President. I have been a Steward and a Chief Steward. I have served as a General Council delegate and Committee Co-Chair for the Bylaws Committee. I am a Bargaining Delegate and look forward to serving our represented workers in the 2023 Bargaining Session. I also spent a year as a Contract Specialist helping to build up and support members in their leadership growth and development, while also working with agencies to build stronger, healthier relationships between labor and management. I am running for Board of Directors because I want to continue to serve the best interests of our members. I value the immense diversity of our membership body, not just in race and ethnicity, but also in age, gender, ability, education, family status and every single other aspect of our lives that enriches our perspective on the world we share.

As a Board Member, I will work to serve all of our members, but I especially want to lift up our rural members and make sure they have the consideration of our board. I believe that providing in person and hybrid opportunities for training, education and other activities in our rural locales is important. Camaraderie and Esprit de Corps for our members shouldn’t just be accessible along the I-5 corridor.

Additionally, I want to do my part to help bridge the digital divide amongst our members. Access to the internet and technology isn’t equal throughout the state. Many workers have limited access to the internet, cellular service, and wi-fi, as well as the technologies that run on these platforms, such as cell phones, smart devices, and computers. Ensuring that our members have the resources, training, and education to fully access and participate in virtual meetings and events, as well as electronic communications such as general information, registrations, surveys, and elections is very important to me.

Waddo/Thank you.
Renae Bracken