Johnny Earl

Statewide Vice President - Public Sector

Fellow Union Members-

My name is Johnny Earl and I am running for the Vice President for the Public Sector of SEIU 503. I have been a member of Local 503, sub-Local 085 at the University of Oregon. I am running to bring respect and integrity into everything we do as an organization, be it bargaining a new Union Contract with a bully boss or welcoming new members to Local 503 throughout the State. I am running to give a voice to some of our Personal Care Workers, University Food Service Workers, and other State workers who are at the lower salary ranges. All jobs matter and everyone should have an voice in our Union and their workplace.

Over my past 21 years, I have been of service to my Local and now I’m hoping to be your next VP. I have served as sub-local President, Vice President, General Council Lead Delegate, now on Board of Director of SEIU 503 representing Region 4 Lane/Linn County and don’t forget member of the Higher Education Bargaining Team and presently Chair from 2021-2025. I have spent my entire Union career in Service to our members. Building up workers to be respected by management in their workplace, fighting for equitable Contracts in our Bargaining campaigns and helping working families get health insurance at a reasonable rate. My experience has shown me that a worker that are respected and treated equitably in the workplace are able to overcome amazing obstacles.

SEIU has changed my life. One time Melissa Unger said to that “SEIU is in the business to changing lives in Oregon. Removing people from poverty, improving wages Oregonians whose jobs are funded by the State revenue, and also guaranteeing quality union jobs for working class families throughout the State”.

As Vice President of our local 503, I hope to represent all Oregonians from the conservative and liberal to the Trumpy, to the Bernie from the progressive to the moderate. All of our opinions matter and deserve to be listened to even the ones that I may disagree the most. I believe there is a commonality that we all share; good paying jobs, quality healthcare, improving the lives of our families, and fighting for the our rights to organize as a unionist. I think the future is bright. I believe in the children of Oregon. I think our public services should be funded well, and