Steve Emerson

Region 01: Central Valley • Marion & Polk Counties

I’m running for the Board of Directors because I want seasonal, limited duration, temporary, and permanent field staff at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to have representation amongst our Union’s leadership. I was the first ever seasonal employee to serve as a steward at ODFW. Shortly after becoming a steward, I joined our Labor Management Committee to bring seasonal representation to the table. For nearly six years, I worked various seasonal, limited duration, and temporary positions with a wide variety of duties at ODFW and saw my fellow employees be taken advantage of and taken for granted. I’ve stepped up at every opportunity to represent those at the bottom of the ladder by serving as our Local’s Secretary/Treasurer, General Council Delegate, Bargaining Delegate, CAPE Delegate, and LMC member. I recently landed a permanent position, but will never forget the struggle it took to get here. 12+ hour shifts working on boats at night, hiking snowy coastal streams in January, cutting ear bones out of rotten salmon carcasses in the 100° summer sun – all at salary range 12.


If I am elected to the Board, I promise to always advocate for our Union’s values and make sure we do not disregard the needs of our members who may make up just a slice of our Union, because as a union, we need to stand together for ALL members. I also promise to advocate for expanding and enhancing support for our stewards. Our stewards do invaluable work for our members. They are the backbone of our union, protecting workers’ rights and educating them about those rights. Well supported stewards will grow our union and its strength. I have personally witnessed employees join our Union because of the support, emotional and professional, that they received from myself as a steward. These employees didn’t join our Union because of a fancy building in Portland, they joined because they were supported in their time of need. Help me keep our Union focused on protecting our workers, supporting our stewards, and lifting up the least secure amongst us by ensuring they have representation at the table.