Renae Hill

Sector 08: Client Employed Provider

Renae has worked in the allied home-care and healthcare field for more than 14 years, from pediatrics to geriatrics. She grew up in southern California in a very stereotypical frowned-upon environment. She was deemed an underdog from a young age, which she uses as fuel to crush stigmas and leave stereotypes in the dust. Her family moved to Keizer Oregon in 2018 where it did not take her long to learn about SEIU 503 and what we stand for. She started her experience with us by participating in general counsel. In 2013, she was awarded the presidential volunteer award for over 1k documented hours of service. When the pandemic first began Renae organized a large group spanning across Oregon. With the help of others, Renae drove to places she’d never heard of, 8 days and hundreds of miles later Renae delivered over 2k masks and ear savers to the SEIU 503 Portland office. When the fires hit us Renae was on the front lines responding to many families’ needs and necessities. From gathering donated supplies to helping the American red cross in the motel in Woodburn where families were relocated. Assisting with basic care needs such as monitoring vital signs, checking blood glucose levels, and using resources to get people their needed medications. Once our communities started to settle a bit Renae jumped right into SEIU events and meetings. She completed the first wave of the member leader development program (MLPD) of 2022. Dedicating over 8 weeks to learning as much as possible about the history of our union and our current benefits, with over 80 Zoom presentations she took place for both new care providers and those who were taking the refresher course. The completion of MLDP was the starting point of many new doors. Renae attended the steward academy held by the staff of our union. Renae knows without a doubt she will continue to be an advocate for the underdogs and make changes happen. Renae feels so blessed with the progress she has made in just a few years, she has a steady foundation to keep building upon. The final comment she left with us today was. “Always remember PLUR. Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.”