Thuy Huyen


Hello Fellow Union Members,
My name is Thuy Huyen and I am running for Statewide Treasurer. I’ve worked at Portland State University in University Financial Services for twenty years. In that time I’ve been a proud and active member. I’ve served on the Board as a Director for Region 6. I’ve served on the Executive, Finance, Operations, Trial, and General Council Planning Committees. I’ve been honored to serve as Chair of the Civil and Human Rights Committee and I’m active in the Women of Color Caucus and the Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander Caucus. Last but not least, I served as Sublocal 89 President at PSU for 2020 to 2022.

My on-the-job experience and my union leader experience make me a strong candidate for State Treasurer. I have 21 years of experience in accounting and I love solving complex problems. I have strong analytical, organizational and leadership skills. I’m an effective communicator and a Vietnamese translator.

I became active in this union to fight for higher wages, COLA, step increases, health care, etc. Like all of you, I enjoy participating in union events and rallies. What motivated me the most, however, is that I cannot stay silent when I see unfair treatment, I know that we must make our voices heard to have respect, equity and union jobs. For example, I am proud of the work we did at our campuses to get more Covid leave hours, recognition bonus pay and increased safety measures. I was picked by the PSU Board of Trustees to be on the President’s Advisory Committee where I understood that my role was to represent my fellow union members and advance our needs.

I am truly honored to be on the same slate with SEIU 503 President Mike Powers, Executive Director Melissa Unger, Johnny Earl for Public Sector VP, Joye Willman for Care Provider VP and Anastasia Godsey for Secretary. We are committed to fighting for Respect, Equity and Union Jobs. Join that fight with us.

Thank you for your consideration and Solidarity!