Andrea Kennedy-Smith

Sector 02: Human Services Coalition

I am Andrea Kennedy-Smith and I have been a Paralegal for Child Welfare for 15 years in Washington County. I have been an active SEIU member leader for 15 years including service as Chair and Secretary for Sub-local 216, Chief Steward, 2 terms as SEIU Local 503, OPEU Vice President for the Public Sector, General Council delegate, MDLP participant, member of the Finance Committee and Rules Committee. I was one of the first Public Sector Contract Specialists in the Nation in 2020. I successfully participated in the selective salary increase for Paralegals in 2019. I have participated in bargaining conferences, lobbying, pickets, rallies and testifying at the Oregon legislature.

I bring a wealth and depth of knowledge and union experience which enables me to think outside the box and gives me the ability to collaborate well with members and management. I have a passion for education and training to better prepare our union stewards to represent members and enforce our contract. I am dedicated to empowering our members and being transparent with our members. I promise to continue representing the voices of front-line staff. I am ready to take on challenges and barriers built to suppress and if we work collectively, we will persevere on top.

I consider myself a conduit for members to advocate for public sector members. If we are to have a member run union, we need strong, experienced member leaders to step up into statewide positions within our Union. I speak and vote with the best interests of our members at the core. We do have work to do on improving diversity on our Board and to build a more inclusive union. I welcome diverse opinions and experiences from all members and will continue pushing this work forward. We are working towards a more inclusive and equitable Union, putting prioritization of our BIPOC members and members with disabilities at the forefront. Our Union will lead the way to healthy, safe equitable inclusive working conditions for all.

Our commitment to improve workers protections and rights in the workplace, grow our Union, bargain strong contracts, and stand side by side one another when challenges arise is our foundation. I will remain by your side. Please vote Andrea Kennedy-Smith for Director of Human Services Coalition.