Shaun Notdurft

Sector 07: Private Non-Profit

Qualifications: collective bargaining, president, chief steward for OSLP Local 902 since 1996. I have also served as both Director and Assistant Director for the Private non Profit sector since the restructure of the board. In addition: I work well with others, I bring a sense of humor and I strongly believe that being solution-driven must inherently follow problem identification. I try my best to see multiple sides of an issue, and come to a productive solution rather than simply ‘winning for my preconceived idea.’

The reason I am asking for your vote is simple: I still believe I have a lot to do for the sector, C-19 tied our hands in many ways. I have ideas and curiosity of concept to build the sector into a more functioning element within the whole. To that end, my primary goal is to organize and then create a structure for communication and mutual action. I believe our biggest threat is, as usual, political. Not only in potential opposition depending on election outcomes, but also in the divisiveness created by politics within our union, our locals, and between ourselves. I strongly believe that with an empathetic approach, we can find enough common ground to continue building, despite differences.

I am a creative person by nature, and that is the paradigm by which I approach all in life. There is a lot of talk about “term limits” and “new blood,” and I have been involved for a long time… however, I believe I still have an infinite amount to contribute, and energy to work with others. I have the experience to know how it all works, in our union and in the political sphere, and yet I abhor “status quo thinking.” I look forward to working again for my local, for the private non profit employer sector, and for 503 as a whole. I believe the time is now, better than ever before, to work in coalition and with 503’s caucuses and committees to build an amazing tapestry of what humanity is capable of achieving together.