Mike Powers


Our Union is strong. In the past two years we fought for and won contracts for all our members that improved pay, health care, and training. Government workers won remote work options, improved workplace safety, and pension protections. Care providers won vital settlements holding the state accountable and awarding millions of dollars to their members. No one has fought for and protected Oregon workers more than SEIU Local 503.

I have been honored to work with you and for you as President to help get these wins. When I ran in 2020 I promised to work hard to boost internal organizing and leadership resources, improve support for our member leaders, improve access and support for our rural members, and celebrate the full diversity of our Union so that it is more inclusive and equitable no matter where we live or what we look like. Working closely with our Board of Directors and statewide leadership, I kept my promises.

There is more yet to do. We are not done. Corporations refuse to respect us. COVID-19 laid bare our lack of equity with high wealth and racial disparities. Attacks on the rights of working people are increasing, making it harder to create union family jobs.

We must bolster our fight for higher wages to beat inflation, green new union jobs, healthcare for all, retirement security, and government that works for all of us. We must fight for Respect, Equity, and Union Working Family Jobs.

I know how to fight. I know how to serve. I have worked as a member leader in our Union for over 15 years, including roles on our political action committee (CAPE), as President of the SEIU Agriculture Local 603, on our Union’s Board of Directors, and now as President SEIU Local 503.

I am proud to be running on the same ticket with Melissa Unger, for Executive Director; Johnny Earl, for VP Public Sector; Joy’e William, for VP Care Providers; Thuy Huyen, for Treasurer; and Anastasia Godsey, for Secretary. They all have a track record of working hard and winning for workers.

As President of SEIU 503, together with you, I want to grow our efforts to bring Respect, Equity, and Union Working Family Jobs for our members, and expand it to more Oregonians.

I’m asking for your vote.