Stephanie Prentiss

Sector 01: Higher Ed

Hello, my name is Stephanie Prentiss, and I have served as the SEIU 503 Board of Director for Higher Education for two years now. I am running again to serve as the SEIU Board of Director for Higher Education because there is so much more work that needs to be done. I have worked for the University of Oregon for 21 years, and see just how much we can accomplish together. I currently serve on the SEIU 503 Hardship Committee, and SEIU 503 Women’s Council as Co-Chair.

Our last contract campaign was the best contract I’ve seen in 21 years, and with the higher education contract re-opener coming up in the next year, there are so many things we can push for and accomplish. I would like to see all of the 7 state schools in Oregon provide the inclusion and diversity the universities speak so loudly of for ALL Oregonians. Don’t just talk about inclusion and diversity, ACTUALLY apply what administration for higher education talks about. On the contract reopener, open the salary selectives for the employee groups who were not included from the last contract campaign. I also would like to see a plan for each of the Higher Education Locals within SEIU 503 to develop a strong member hardship fund to assist you, our membership across the 7 campuses when folks have crisis. Membership growth, and leader identification is also very important to me as well as developing a communication system where all Higher Education Local SEIU Leadership can communicate, and discuss the needs of each individual campus.

Serving on the SEIU 503 Board of Directors has been an amazing experience and I want to continue the growth and leadership within our 7 campuses to build, teach, and grow our union. Please vote for me as the next SEIU 503 Board of Directors for Higher Education, and We Are Stronger Together!