Guillermo Romero

Region 07: NW Oregon • Clatsop, Tillamook, Washington & Yamhill Counties

Todays political challenges, social unrest and the current health crisis, requires strong and dedicated leadership. I have the working knowledge, skill level, experience and leadership which the position of Region 7 Director. requires. As the current Region 7 Director, the past Chair of Sub-local 201, past Co-Chair of the Civil and Human Rights Committee, CAPE Delegate & Regional Chair, member of the Latinx Caucus; I bring my working knowledge, experience and leadership to the position of Region 7 Director. During my tenure as the Region 7 Director, our members and Board, were faced with a lot of challenges brought on by the pandemic. Collectively and individually we were able to successfully hurdle some of the challenges and obstacles of covid. With my leadership in the Civil and Human Rights Committee, I focused on a commitment to close the gap of diversity in SEIU 503 statewide leadership. As Chair of Sub-local 201, I made movements to change SEIU culture by developing unity, solidarity and bridge the gap between members and our union statewide leadership. During my employment with the Department of Human Services /Child Welfare for 11 years, I have been an active and participating member of SEIU the entire time. My SEIU 503 activism includes; Latinx member, Union Steward (ten years) CAPE Delegate (three terms) General Council Delegate and participant in various committees. If elected as the Region 7 Director, I will continue to represent SEIU 503 members to achieve these goals; work in my leadership role to develop solidarity, unity and commitment to our members. broaden the diversification and participation of groups within our membership and maintain a level of transparence and disclosure in our membership. As a person of color and Region 7 Director, I will make sure your voices are heard. I’m asking for you vote. In Solidarity!!!