Rae Schuman


There is a recession on the rise, and it’s going to be hitting us sooner than we would like. We need the strongest leadership to defend the workers now more than ever. While the foundations we have built have won us victories, we still have much fighting to do. The rich continue to get richer as the wealth disparity grows with each passing day. The call for leadership to handle this challenge has been raised, and I am here to serve my community and my union by running for Union Presidency. As a veteran of the US Navy, whose family has collectively served 25+ years in the military. I am able to handle any obstacle in my path and together we can smash anything that tries to reduce our power as a union! The pandemic has shown us that service workers are the backbone of this country. Since we are the backbone, we should be getting healthcare for all, living wages to provide comfortable lives for union workers and their families, and more diverse worker representation in all the workplaces. We should be working to unionize every service job in the state. The big bosses wanna divide us up but that’s not going to happen under my watch. While I may have been here for a little more than a year, I was elected to my local’s bargaining team. When the time came to bargain, I was able to help our union gain one of the biggest victories ever. We got a 19.8% raise for all the nutrition service assistants, and a 15% raise for our custodians!

So here I am now to serve my state by fighting for my fellow workers. Since my honorable discharge from the service, I myself have worked many jobs throughout my adult life and have gained much experience. From driving semis from LA to Newark, driving children as a school bus driver, to cell phone repair. I know how hard it is to work these kinds of jobs, and I want to help make it easier and safer for everyone. Life is brilliant and beautiful, so let us build strong foundations that our youth may build upon, and continue to build upon for decades to come, so that they may live their lives to the fullest!