Malcom Scott

Sector 03: ODOT Coalition

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Malcolm G. Scott, I am employed by the Oregon Department of Transportation, Commerce and Compliance Division. My title is Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer. My job is to make sure Commercial motor vehicles are in compliance with State and Federal laws. I have been employed by ODOT for 15 years 7 months. Before ODOT, I was in the Military for 22 years.

I have been a union member for 15 years. I have held the role of a steward, treasurer, assistant director and director. And also served on the board of directors and budget committed.

I would like to be elected to the board of directors to help inform others on how important it is to be a union member, and the benefits of being in the union to them and their families. So we can Rise Unite Fight Win.

Malcolm G. Scott
Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer
Commerce and Compliance Division, ODOT
Ph. 541-378-8168