Bernardo Tuma

Executive Director


I STAND FIRM with thousands of my brothers and sisters to fight for better wages for our union members, and lead the union to a historical bargaining negotiation to make up for the losses caused by inflation that has impacted our wages , and our way of life.

I STAND FIRM, that our goals shall be laser sharp focused to prioritize higher wages in excess of current inflation to make us whole again and help us keep up with the higher costs of living.

I STAND FIRM to fight for an exceptional one time retention bonus during the next bargaining session, to compensate the hard work and sacrifice of our brothers and sister that have sacrificed safety and comfort to keep our government services going with no interruption during these exceptional hard times.

I STAND FIRM, not to sell you short during our bargaining negotiations with the state or any other time, today our union is in a very unique situation that give us the upper hand to negotiate, I STAND FIRM I shall not waste it.

I STAND FIRM to fight for you and your families’ wellbeing, we shall fight during bargaining session for an stipend to compensate you for the use of your utilities, your internet, your office supplies and your transportation expenses while you work remotely from home/hybrid / and non- remote work models that causes you to spend your own funds to subsidize the state, this is not fair, the state is saving hundreds of millions in these costs saving benefits that you are paying from your wages.

I STAND FIRM with SEIU 503 progressive agenda in Oregon, which is enshrined in our core values and common good proposals, fighting for equity, inclusion, diversity and defending the rights of historically under-served communities.

I am asking you to STAND FIRM with me and SEIU 503 Brothers and Sisters, for:

· Historical Higher wages across the board.

· One Time retaining bonus for current members.

· Monthly stipends for business related home expenses.

· Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

I STAND FIRM I am asking you to STAND FIRM too