Melissa Unger

Executive Director


I have been our Union’s Executive Director for 5 years. It has been an honor to serve with amazing union leaders fighting for respect in their work. I am proud to oversee our staff, our budget, and work alongside our President and board members to guide the vision and strategy for our union. I have been most proud about the work I have done alongside our dedicated member leaders at the bargaining table. Together, we have raised  wages, fought for benefits, and pushed employers to show us the respect we deserve.


As we emerge from this pandemic and rising inflation, our work is far from over. We have accomplished so much, and we have more to do. We must:


  • Build bargaining campaigns that recognize workload and lift wages

  • Expand online training for leaders and stewards

  • Launch a steward hotline and build a steward mentor program

  • Continue the work of becomming an anti-racist union

  • Expand our caucus program with leaders from across our union

  • Make Unions for All a reality for all workers


During my time as Executive Director we have achieved historic wins.  It is not enough. As we head into 2022, we must demand RESPECT which means raises that help families get ahead and support in our jobs so we can succeed. If our employers don’t give us the respect we deserve, we must demand it at the bargaining table.


I have been proud of the work we have done to build an anti-racist union. But we have more to do. We need to make sure that we embed EQUITY into our contracts and hold employers accountable.  EQUITY can’t be a buzzword, rather it must be backed up with policies that protect workers.


Our Union lifts standards. Union members earn more and have better benefits. In order to continue to win, we need to make sure there are UNION JOBS FOR ALL WORKING FAMILIES in Oregon. We must make Unions for All is a reality for everyone in this state.


I am proud to run alongside member leaders from throughout our union. Melissa Unger for Executive Director, Mike Powers for President, Johnny Earl for Vice President Public Sector, Joy’e Willman for Vice President Care Sector, Thuy Huyen for Treasurer, and Anastasia Godsey for Secretary. We will fight for Respect, Equity, and Union Jobs for Working Families.