Mark Workman

Sector 07: Private Non-Profit


My name is Mark Workman (He, Him, His) and I’m excited to run for the position of Sector 07: Private Non-Profit Assistant Director. Since 2002 I’ve been employed in a workplace with collective bargaining represented by SEIU. During this time, I’ve worked beneath hostile management that tried to decertify our right to bargain, and more recently worked with supportive management that views the union as an asset to the organization and not an adversary. This is a journey that is important for management at other organization across Oregon to embrace, especially in times of an historic labor shortage.

For the past 7 years I have been a contracts and financial analyst. I bring a careful eye to contracting agreements and reviewing expenditures. I believe a strong and informed board is necessary to safeguard the precious dues collected and the make sure those dues go towards causes that have the most immediate impact. I also have a strong commitment to equity. I believe every person deserves the right to fair opportunities and we must be diligent in creating opportunities for those who have been historically marginalized.

One of the biggest goals I’d have as a board member would be for SEIU Local 503, OPEU to continue to see our union grow in both dues paying members, and adoption of the union in workplaces that aren’t currently represented. We are seeing a new generation of workers embrace the labor movement in places from the local Burgerville restaurant to Amazon’s warehouses. I believe SEIU can be integral in mentoring, supporting, and growing this movement.

It would be my honor to receive your vote!