Guillermo Romero

My qualifications include experience in the public sector as a social worker, housing specialist for a non-profit agency, and in the private sector as an attorney.

My journey working with unions started as a young man when I did volunteer work for the United Farm Workers Union in the late 60’s and 70’s in California and Idaho.  My early exposure included participation in union actions, the Chicano movement, and civil resistance to the Viet Nam war.  This taught me the importance of people working together in unity and solidarity to create social change.

My life experiences as a child growing up in a Mexican family in a white majority country and working through the racist system have taught me lessons and given me life experiences which qualifies me for the position of Vice- President of SEIU 503.  I grew up in a family that was always in “survival mode” just as many of our 503 members experience.

The experiences I’ve gained as a union member over the past 7 years have built the foundation which qualifies me for Vice-President.  In November 2012, I became a union Steward in DHS/CW, a position I still hold.  I’ve completed a 2-year term as an elected delegate for CAPE and re-elected to a second term.  I serve as a CAPE Regional Chair, and member of the CAPE Executive Board.  I am Chair of sub-local 201, serving my second term.  I have the honor of serving as a Co-Chair of our 503 Civil and Human Rights Committee.  I ‘am an active member and leader of the Latino Caucus.  As a member of Local 503, I have participated in Work Groups in conjunction with DHS/CW, and recently appointed to the General Council Planning Committee.

My decision to seek the position of Vice-President gives me an opportunity to serve in an important leadership role to bring diversity, unity, solidarity and a voice to our union.  I will strive to bring greater access to information for our members and broaden the diversification and participation of groups within our total membership.

I am asking for your vote.  Your vote for me is a positive step towards the future of Local 503 and brings a voice to the board that has been under represented.

In my personal life, I have two great sons and five grandchildren.  I am a Backpacker, Kayaker, Kite flyer and do life, one day at a