A smiling headshot portrait of SEIU member leader Taylor Bacon
Region 6

Multnomah & Clackamas Counties: Multnomah, Clackamas, Columbia, Clark & Cowlitz (WA) Counties Director

Taylor Bacon

Parry Center for Children

Taylor was an only child raised by a single mother. His mother, a 26 year veteran of the Washington State Patrol, made sure that he knew that everyone was equal to everyone else; that race, gender, religion, orientation, etc. He was also raised with the idea that we should give back and help those who have a hard time making gains alone. He spent his childhood doing just that… helping others learn to read in grade school, writing letters in response to things he felt were wrong, becoming a youth leader in his community (planning safe activities for kids after school, in the summer and on Saturday nights), becoming a lifeguard and swim instructor, and leading his high school band as President.

His first union experience was with the Teamsters at the UPS HUB on Swan Island. He worked there for 5 years and learned what it was like to be in a union. Taylor felt the need to improve working conditions there, became involved with the safety committee and was promoted to be the wellness champion. Eventually Taylor began working at the Parry Center for Children and fell in love with it. He had known that this was a union position, but wasn’t involved at all. Then the company decided to re-invest in itself and raised the wages of 70% of the bargaining unit. However, the other 30% of the workers got no pay increase. Taylor met with his SEIU organizer and discussed his concerns. He began going to Labor Management Committee meetings. After 3 meeting, the committee had convinced Management to raise the other 30% of the workers wages. He then ran for President of her sub-local and won. As the President, Taylor has been building membership, planning union activities, and pushing through tough interactions in order to uphold our contract. Taylor was on the bargaining team that secured a wage scale for all represented members, something previously granted to only one job classification in the unit.

In Taylor’s words: “My first jaw dropping experience with SEIU503 was at general council 2016. It was so eye-opening to see just how many people, sectors, and job classifications are represented and how powerful we are when we all stand together. I met so many amazing people that are just working to support themselves and standing up for a better future. I was so happy to be able to learn about each persons work site and personal story. EVERY PERSON I met had an amazing back story that helped make them the strong fighter that they each embodied. I served on a committee at the general council, my first experience with that kind of thing. Call me crazy but it is so interesting to see Robert’s rules of order in action.

As far as my free time, I volunteer a lot. First and foremost, I volunteer with SEIU503, I am the President of Local 987 Parry Center for Children and a Director for Region 6. I volunteer second most with KEEP OREGON WELL, an advocacy campaign dedicated to fighting the stigma surrounding mental and behavioral health. We go to many events and spread the word about our campaign, have people sign our pledge saying that they will uphold our commitments including, democracy, growth and change, equity and inclusion, etc. I also like to volunteer with the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM), as a victim in the Neighborhood Emergency Team (PortlandNET) trainings. With the free time I have left I like to spend time and travel with my partner (Scott), make and decorate cakes for people, Play video games, and Grow a big garden. I am also a member of drumline. This year we lead the AIDSWalk, cheered on the Portland Marathon, and performed with a diva at the Le Femme Magnifique international show.

I am hoping that in the 2 years I am serving you I can meet as many of the members as I can by attending membership meetings. By looking forward to pushing through the tough decisions we will face in the coming years. By standing together to face and resist governmental changes that will negatively impact our membership. And by moving together toward a better brighter future for all.”