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More than 22,000 members of SEIU 503 work in State offices throughout Oregon, representing employees of the Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority, ODOT, Revenue, the Department of Education, Oregon State Hospital, Department of Justice and more.

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A group of SEIU members and supporters sit on brick steps, listening to someone speak. They hold signs reading "Fair Contract Now!" and "Don't take away our holidays"

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Working people, through our union, negotiate contracts with our employer to determine our terms of employment -- pay, benefits, hours, paid leave, health and safety policies, and more. Through collective bargaining, working people in unions win stronger wages, better benefits and safer workplaces.

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An SEIU member pauses in an office environment, smiling and raising her fist.

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Stewards help organize their coworkers to solve problems at work, educate others about our union contract, and investigate potential violations to enforce our contract through the grievance procedure.

Healthcare and retirement benefits worth fighting for

We’ve fought hard for our benefits. Here’s how to get the most from them.

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