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The benefits of being in Union come when we all contribute, to defend our rights and improve our workplaces and communities, by becoming full members and taking action.

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Nearly 1000 SEIU 503 members work in publicly funded private non-profit organizations throughout the state, all dedicated to the improving quality of life in their own unique way. Members at Oregon Supported Living Program (OSLP) provide supported living services to people with developmental disabilities. Members at the Cascade AIDS Project support and empower people who are living with or affected by HIV. Our non-profit members work in everything from recovery assistance (CODA) and child care (the Parry Center) to broadcasting (OPB) and experimental education research and development (Northwest Regional Education Laboratory).

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Working people, through our union, negotiate contracts with our employer to determine our terms of employment -- pay, benefits, hours, paid leave, health and safety policies, and more. Through collective bargaining, working people in unions win stronger wages, better benefits and safer workplaces.

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Stewards help organize their coworkers to solve problems at work, educate others about our union contract, and investigate potential violations to enforce our contract through the grievance procedure.