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The benefits of being in Union come when we all contribute, to defend our rights and improve our workplaces and communities, by becoming full members and taking action.

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SEIU members in local government play an essential role in their communities. Our cities and counties employ mental health professionals, county assessors, road crews, transition specialists, victim advocates, courthouse staff, public transportation, and more. SEIU 503 members make our local governments work.

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Two PPS custodians holding SEIU signs. One says "Don't cut teachers & custodians, cut admin bloat". The other says "Chop from the top"

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Working people, through our union, negotiate contracts with our employer to determine our terms of employment -- pay, benefits, hours, paid leave, health and safety policies, and more. Through collective bargaining, working people in unions win stronger wages, better benefits and safer workplaces.

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A woman wearing a purple SEIU t-shirt and holding an SEIU picket sign that says 'I bet management was able to buy groceries this month'

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Stewards help organize their coworkers to solve problems at work, educate others about our union contract, and investigate potential violations to enforce our contract through the grievance procedure.