SEIU members in purple t-shirts with picket signs

Because you are represented by SEIU 503, you have rights at work. Our ability to enforce these rights – along with our ability to fight for better wages and benefits – is built on the strength of our membership. When more people choose to stick together in union, we put ourselves in a position of strength.

As a union member, you have the right to: 

    • Protection against unfair discipline. 
    • Just cause – you can’t be fired without a reason. 
    • Representation when you need it. 
    • And much more. 

Understanding and exercising your rights is an important part of union membership. Rights are like muscles: If you don’t exercise them, you could lose them. 

If you think you’ve been mistreated at work or that your rights under the contract have been violated, please call the Member Assistance Center at 1-844-503-SEIU (7348).