Member Leadership Development Program

SEIU 503’s Member Leadership Development Program is a volunteer and paid program for new and emerging union leaders. Over the course of six to eight weeks, trainees in this program will attend classroom sessions that will focus on developing and strengthening leadership skills. In addition, they will be able to practice those skills through working with other members on current union issues and campaigns. The program runs in several “waves” throughout the year. Entry into the MLDP is competitive, only those who submit applications will be considered.


Primary Duties:

  • Attend seven days of training at the Portland field office. Lodging will be provided for people outside the Portland area.
  • Learn critical union skills that are specific to the wave you are working on.
  • Work in the field directly with members on issues ranging from new member orientation, contract enforcement, or political mobilization.

What Programs are Available This Year?



Glendora Claybrooks

Glendora Claybrooks, Homecare Worker

“Every action begins with the courage of a leader to recognize and improve programmatic services for the population it serves.”

Pam Dyer

Pam Dyer, Homecare Worker

“The Member Leadership Development Program will launch you to action on a huge scale.”

Ming Chen

Ming Chen, Personal Support Worker

"With all the union has done, I was happy to help build its potential.”

Renee Austin

Renee Austin, Homecare Worker

“I learned about my union and how homecare can be even better.”

Sharonne Vincent

Sharonne Vincent, Homecare Worker

"Connecting with homecare workers built my confidence to build the union!"

Tania Canier

Tania Canier, Homecare Worker

"I learned so much by talking with homecare workers and building the union!"