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SEIU 503 members provide the entire spectrum of care in Oregon, from children to seniors, and for people with physical and developmental disabilities. As homecare and personal support workers, we share a goal of providing services that make Oregon a better place to live. We work together to improve the lives of SEIU 503 members and their consumers, and help build an Oregon where access to care and support is a top priority. Our strength as a care provider union has resulted in some of the strongest worker contracts in the nation, enacting improvements that strengthen the program for ourselves and the families we support.


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Working people, through our union, negotiate contracts with our employer to determine our terms of employment -- pay, benefits, hours, paid leave, health and safety policies, and more. Through collective bargaining, working people in unions win stronger wages, better benefits and safer workplaces.

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Stewards help organize their coworkers to solve problems at work, educate others about our union contract, and investigate potential violations to enforce our contract through the grievance procedure.

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