Published: February 22, 2024

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  • What’s in this issue: 

    • Please Take Action On An Important Bill For Care Providers
    • Don’t Be Fooled! That’s Not a Check or a Rebate! 
    • Important Information About Paid Time Capture (PTC)
    • OregonSaves Victory for Care Providers
    • OHCC Resources For the Homecare Workforce
    • New Salem SEIU Office Opening Soon 

    Please Take Action on House Bill 4129: An Important Bill for Care Providers!

    In even-numbered years like 2024, the Oregon Legislature convenes for a “short session” where they consider a few important policy bills. Homecare workers have a very important bill called the Homecare Modernization Act (HB 4129) to help finally fix our payroll system to avoid late and partial pay and better connect providers and consumers.

    On February 12th, homecare and personal support workers from across the state came to the Capitol to testify and lobby (see photos above) in support of the Homecare Modernization Act (HB 4129). It’s crucial we tell legislators loud and clear that homecare is essential, and with an aging population is becoming more important than ever.

    Will you take one minute to ask lawmakers to pass this key piece of legislation

    They don’t care about putting more money in your pocket…

    …they only care about putting YOUR money in THEIR pocket! That’s not a check or a rebate that you received in your mailbox. It’s a ploy to take away worker power. The so-called “Freedom Foundation” is really getting desperate in their underhanded attempts to beat back Oregon workers.

    This anti-worker, corporate-backed organization is spending millions to try and bust unions by sending out elaborate postal mail and emails to union members. These pieces of mail often look like a check, a rebate or a survey in a deceptive attempt to get you to drop your union membership.

    In fact, union members got to see the Freedom Foundation’s anti-worker agenda in action when the Foundation showed up to a hearing at the Capitol last week to testify in opposition of the Homecare Modernization Act (HB 4129), which will help fix our payroll system to avoid late and partial pay, and better connect providers and consumers. SEIU Local 503 Executive Director Melissa Unger addressed the Freedom Foundation’s presence at the hearing in her testimony. Check out an excerpt of her testimony here.

    It’s because of our power that outfits like this feel they need to attack unions. We know unity is the only way to fight back and ensure workers get real raises, fair contracts and respect in the workplace! Never give up your membership, never give up your power. Learn more at

    Important Information About Paid Time Capture (PTC)

    The State’s PTC Team sent the following email to Local Offices, requesting that Case Managers encourage providers to submit time and be up to date in the system before the launch of Phase 2A. As a reminder, providers do NOT need to take any action related to the launch of PTC Phase 2A – this is simply a request of providers to stay up to date in order to make the transition smoother in July.

    Reminders to Create Timely Entries: Providers should create OR PTC DCI entries timely whenever they can. Timely means within 3 business days after the last day of the pay period. This is also called the entry submission deadline. Creating entries timely ensures you will be paid for all entries on time and in fewer paychecks, making it easier to understand your pay. OR PTC DCI will have more automation starting in July of 2024, which will change some local office processes. By creating entries timely, especially leading up to this July, you will help the local offices adjust to the changes more easily. 

    OregonSaves Victory for Care Providers

    In December PPL had an update to their system and the OregonSaves retirement savings program that impacted 6,009 PSWs whose contributions were delayed by a month.

    After our last three grievances over similar OregonSaves issues, the State has learned they need to make providers whole by paying lost interest, and they are sending these payments without the need of us filing a grievance. They are using the same calculations that were established when we filed and settled the previous grievances. The total amount they will be paying out to providers is $24,207.94. If you have questions, contact the SEIU Member Assistance Center at 1-844-503-SEIU (7348).

    OHCC Resources For The Homecare Workforce

    HCW, PSW and PCA’s you can now find all the reporting links for the OHCC in one place. Links are broken out by color; Customer Relations (green), Pay Issues (purple), Health and Safety Issues (new, dark blue) and PPE Requests (blue). Click here to access the reporting links.

    New Salem SEIU Office Opening Soon.

    After decades at our current Commercial Street location, the SEIU Local 503 Salem office will be moving to a new location, which will be open to members on March 4th.

    The new Salem office will be located at 3470 Pipebend Place NE, Suite 130. Hours of operation are 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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