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4700 SEIU 503 members care for seniors and people with disabilities in dozens of Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Memory Care Facilities across the state. SEIU 503 nursing home workers have won some of the highest starting wages for CNAs anywhere in the country, along with a pay scale based on experience and a career ladder that includes training and certification all the way up to LPN.

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a group of nursing home workers wearing purple SEIU t-shirts or scrubs and blue surgical masks

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Working people, through our union, negotiate contracts with our employer to determine our terms of employment -- pay, benefits, hours, paid leave, health and safety policies, and more. Through collective bargaining, working people in unions win stronger wages, better benefits and safer workplaces.

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two nursing home workers wearing scrubs with SEIU stickers and purple surgical masks. they are giving the 'victory' sign with two fingers raised. the woman on the right has pink hair

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Stewards help organize their coworkers to solve problems at work, educate others about our union contract, and investigate potential violations to enforce our contract through the grievance procedure.

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