Published: February 1, 2024

The Oregon legislature convenes on February 5th for a “short session.” Even-numbered years like 2024 are shorter sessions where legislators only consider a few key policy bills. Our members are advocating for legislation that would help homecare workers, Oregon State Hospital workers, people struggling with predatory debt collection, and more. Here’s what you need to know. 

HB 4129 (Homecare Modernization Act) would help better connect providers with clients and finally fix HR issues like late or partial pay that have been plaguing homecare workers for years. This bill is the top priority for our union. Homecare workers can help pass this bill by taking 30 seconds to email their legislators. You can find out more here. Key features include: 

  • Focus on the individual 
  • Good Jobs 
  • High Quality Care 
  • Increased Choice 
  • Efficient Administration 

HB 4045 (Public Safety Workforce Stabilization Act of 2024) will support our dedicated members at the Oregon State Hospital who put their personal safety on the line every day to give their patients the care and support they need to get better. A new “High Risk, High Stress” retirement option will give these members the recognition they deserve for their years of service to our State. OSH workers can contact their legislators to help pass this bill. 

SB 1595 (Family Financial Protection Act) would help give everyday Oregonians more fairness in debt collections by updating our laws to ensure folks can get back on their feet. Workers in our union have been garnished to the point of bankruptcy due to medical debts and even had their bank account wiped out from an illegitimate collection. This law will increase protections to keep folks in housing and food on the table. The bill would also hold bad actors accountable when they try to collect a debt that someone doesn’t even owe. If you’ve been impacted by predatory debt collectors, share your story and help pass this bill.