Published: April 18, 2024

A group of workers in purple scrubs with their fists in the air

Workers at Serenity Hospice have been organizing for pay equity, adequate raises, affordable health care, regular hours, PTO, and the ability to manage trauma and compassion fatigue. The workers unanimously decided to form a union, and asked management to voluntarily recognize them. Serenity’s parent company (Addus Healthcare) already has SEIU-represented employees at its home health agency in Eugene.

Instead, Addus hired one of the most expensive union-busing law firms in the country, and has been paying them hundreds of dollars per hour to spread anti-union propaganda. Workers are sticking together and staying strong, and plan to vote YES in their union election next week.

These workers provide comfort and care during life’s most vulnerable moments, and they deserve our unwavering support. Please send a message to Addus corporate: Recognize Serenity Hospice workers’ union, and begin to bargain in good faith for a fair contract.

Take action today: Support Serenity Hospice Workers