Published: March 11, 2024

We did it! The big raise State workers won (scheduled for January 2025) all hinged on the legislature approving a budget that provides funding. Because of our union’s power and influence in the legislature, we’re excited to share that the budget has passed, and state members will receive a COLA of 6.55% on January 1, 2025. We don’t have to wait until February.

We cannot take these political wins for granted. These victories are hard-won by union members’ actions during bargaining and solidified by the members who contribute to our union’s political program (CAPE). Members like you contributing $5 or $10 a month to CAPE help elect pro-worker champions that step up for working people during the session. Join CAPE today and keep the wins coming!

To maintain this momentum and win in the next negotiation, we need to build the kind of power it takes to move decision makers on important topics like the budget. We are kicking that process off buy building up our Contract Action Team (CAT) so that we have the power to organize and pay increases like this again in the future. Become a CAT to build power in your workplace and spur your coworkers into action. The fight for a fair contract in 2025 starts today!