This is an entry level class for participating in union spaces and learning about how we interact and treat each other. This training is offered regularly.  Check the Event Calendar to sign up.


Our Union implemented a Code of Conduct for Union meetings that includes a reporting mechanism to help when the Code of Conduct is violated.  To help develop our understanding of the policy and its application, Stewards and Union activists may enroll in trainings about equity and inclusion within our Union. The Code of Conduct (101) is the first training in our steward core training series. We encourage you to attend one of these upcoming courses. You can register here. You can also sign up for the next workshop in the equity and inclusion series, Interrupting Oppression (112), which discusses the impacts of racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia on labor, and strategies for dealing with them.

Code of Conduct at a Glance 

  • The Code of Conduct’s main goal is to create a more inclusive and equitable Union so we can continue to grow and build our collective power.
  • The Organizational Development Department (ODD) and Code of Conduct Committee receive and review Code of Conduct Complaints.
  • Code of Conduct Enforcement emphasizes education and addressing the harm done by specific behavior rather than punishment.
  • Egregious and repeated Code of Conduct violations will be referred to the Member Representation Committee (MRC) for discipline on the recommendation of the Code of Conduct Committee.

Code of Conduct Resources 

Code of Conduct & Reporting

Code of Conduct Vocabulary Guide

Code of Conduct (English & Spanish)

Best Practices for Inclusive Spaces