Published: September 29, 2020

Publication Date: September 29, 2020

The following candidates were certified to have won election on September 29, 2020.

Statewide Officers

Executive Director: Melissa Unger

President: Michael Powers

Vice President – Care Provider and Other Sectors: Rebecca Sandoval

Vice President – Public Sector: Andrea Kennedy-Smith

Secretary: Theodora Ko Thompson

Treasurer: Mary Stewart


Board of Directors

Director – Central Valley (3): Rhonda Morgan, Paula Peña, Max Brown

Director – South Valley (2): Johnny Earl, Stacy Heath

Director – Southwest Oregon (1): Deanna Boylan

Director – Southern Oregon (1): Jeff Singer

Director – Eastern and Central Oregon (1): Helen Moore

Director – Multnomah and Clackamas Counties (3): Diana Lobo, Thuy Huyen, Danielle Droppers

Director – Northwest Oregon (1): Guillermo Romero


Assistant Director – Central Valley (3): Kathleen Lamar, Bernardo Tuma, Felipa Rojas De Torres

Assistant Director – South Valley (2): Michelle Dawson, Lindie Nelson

Assistant Director – Southwest Oregon (1): Joy Vegar

Assistant Director – Southern Oregon (1): Mark Thordsen

Assistant Director – Eastern and Central Oregon (1): Tryna Muilenburg

Assistant Director – Multnomah and Clackamas Counties (3): Florence Renee Watson-Taylor, Mariia Stein, Ivonne Rivero

Assistant Director – Northwest Oregon (1): Cristina Aviles


Director – Higher Education: Stephanie Prentiss

Director – Human Services: Anastasia Godsey

Director – ODOT Coalition: Mike Scott

Director – Specials Coalition: Alisha Goodwin

Director – Institutions Coalition: Shawn Holliday

Director – Local Government: Adam Korst

Director – Private Non-Profit: Shaun Notdurft

Director – Home Care / Client-Employed Provider: Joy’e Willman

Director – Nursing Home: Samuel Browne

Director – Adult Foster Homes: Sarah Ray


Assistant Director – Higher Education: Colleen Martin-Low

Assistant Director – Human Services: Ehren Vaughn

Assistant Director – ODOT Coalition: Malcolm Scott

Assistant Director – Specials Coalition: Susan Kay Mundell

Assistant Director – Institutions Coalition: Angelica Ceja-Ochoa

Assistant Director – Local Government: Lisa Walker

Assistant Director – Private Non-Profit: Taylor Bacon

Assistant Director – Home Care / Client-Employed Provider: Andrea Clark

Assistant Director – Nursing Home: Rebecca Hernandez

Assistant Director – Child Care Workers: Natalie Jackson

Assistant Director – Adult Foster Homes: John Grimm