Published: May 28, 2019

We continued to make progress at the bargaining table last week and made a tentative agreement on a handful of non-economic issues. We sent a clear message about our priority issues. We have a break from the table this week, but we will be bargaining every week in June, so things are ramping up.  We need members in worksites across the state to show their support for our bargaining team, and we have a challenge for you!

First, we’ve launched a statewide petition in support of bargaining, download a copy here and ask your co-workers to sign.

Second, we’re asking all worksites to hold an action each week in June to support a fair contract, you can see a sample action plan here. Talk with your organizer for support in setting up actions.

We also had a major win on healthcare with the Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB) including no increases in costs for co-pays!  Click here to find out some new types of care that will now be included in your health plan!