Published: April 17, 2020

Published April 17, 2020

Some results are still pending and will be listed as pending below. Candidates will be contacted to verify acceptance. This page will be updated when pending results are finalized. The official publication date of all election results listed below is April 17, 2020

Statewide Offices

President: Joshua May

Vice President: Sara Ashmore

Secretary: Laura Atkins

Treasurer: Hismelia Cardier

Sub-local 201:

Chair: Rose Barnes

Vice Chair: Reigna Rushford

Secretary: Traci Sahlberg

Treasurer: Melody Flory

Sub-local 202:

Chair: Phillip Newman

Vice Chair: Carla Rae Burns

Secretary: Matilda Wildey

Treasurer: Mary Kathy Kalous

Sub-local 203:

Chair: Patricia Day

Vice Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Lori Lambert

Sub-local 204:

Chair: Vesna Stone

Vice Chair: John Sinor

Secretary: Results pending.

Treasurer: Michelle Mayers

Sub-local 205:

Chair: Tina Trotter

Vice Chair: Twyla Kelley

Secretary: Jennifer Cranmer

Treasurer: Richard Farmer

Sub-local 206:

Chair: Wednesday Martin

Vice Chair: Deanna Boylan

Secretary: Tracy Mahan

Treasurer: Tia Schattenkerk

Sub-local 207:

Chair: Candace Gifford

Vice Chair: Allyse Lee

Secretary: Shara Armijo

Treasurer: Results pending.

Sub-local 208:

Chair: Patrick Vejar

Vice Chair: Joshua May (Won Statewide President. Vacancy declared if not installed.)

Secretary: Laura Atkins (Won Statewide Secretary. Vacancy declared if not installed.)

Treasurer: Barbara Walsh

Sub-local 209:

Chair: Jennifer Weiss

Vice Chair: Derek Wright

Secretary: Saul Vences Orozco

Treasurer: Kimberly Turnbow-Zeigler

Sub-local 210:

Chair: Isaac Martin

Vice Chair: Cynthia Connelly

Secretary: Sunny Nicholson-Allen

Treasurer: Marie McKeeman

Sub-local 211:

Chair: Sherrie Glasow

Vice Chair: Melissa Monk

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Vacant

Sub-local 212:

Chair: Taylor Perez

Vice Chair: Katie Sturgeon

Secretary: Results pending.

Treasurer: Results pending.

Sub-local 213:

Chair: Sandie Elliott

Vice Chair: James Cody Yeates

Secretary: Vacant

Treasurer: Wendy Langford

Sub-local 214:

Chair: Hilda Contreras

Vice Chair: Steve Cerreta

Secretary: Sophia Figueroa

Treasurer: Amity York

Sub-local 215:

Chair: Rebecca Galyon

Vice Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Carramia Sellers

Treasurer: Rebekkah Kehm

Sub-local 216:

Chair: Andrea Kennedy-Smith

Vice Chair: Carmen Mayoral Arnbrister

Secretary: Sarah Burwell

Treasurer: Alanna Johnson

Sub-local 217:

Chair: Greg Ivers

Vice Chair: Michel Miller

Secretary: Lesa O’Dell

Treasurer: Tammy E. Mazon

Sub-local 218:

Chair: Marilou Webb

Vice Chair: Chelsea Brandenburger

Secretary: Thomas (Tom) Griffith

Treasurer: Scott Conover

Sub-local 219:

Chair: Jennifer Li

Vice Chair: Debra Thompson

Secretary: Results pending.

Treasurer: Adelina Mart

Sub-local 220:

Chair: Deborah Harvey

Vice Chair: Michele Ford

Secretary: Shara Burris

Treasurer: Rochelle Santiago

Local 200 General Council Delegates

  1. Martin Ramirez
  2. Barbara Walsh
  3. Andy Pham
  4. Wanda Davis
  5. Betty (Elizabeth) Holladay
  6. Michelle Deparrie
  7. Anastasia Godsey
  8. Anthony Fox
  9. Rochelle Santiago
  10. Melody Stuart
  11. Wayne Ground
  12. Julia Morrissey
  13. Cate Hartzell
  14. Darrahlyn Young
  15. Tammy E. Mazon
  16. Shara Burris
  17. Magda Bejarano
  18. My Ngan Ta
  19. Mishaela Lovelace
  20. Victor Salas-Rios
  21. Bob Hendrick
  22. Gloria Herrera
  23. Scott Conover

General Council Alternates

  1. Farrell Hopkins
  2. Saul Vences Orozco
  3. Gina Esqueda
  4. Hailey Fox
  5. Alice Pangburn
  6. Julia Beaudin
  7. Thelma Reed
  8. Krista Gallagher
  9. Patrick Shed
  10. Tia Schattenkerk
  11. Alex Pelusi
  12. Lauren Sparks
  13. McKenzie Kirkpatrick
  14. William Reeds
  15. Patrick Foster
  16. Deanna Hensley
  17. Cavin Smith
  18. Rachelle Mullins
  19. Christie Clague
  20. Oliver Mintz-Lowe
  21. Donna Malfavon

All write-in candidates received fewer votes than the alternates listed above. Write-in candidates will be contacted regarding their acceptance of the position if a position becomes available.

Local 200 Bargaining Delegates

  1. Martin Ramirez
  2. Antwon Irving
  3. Darrahlyn Young
  4. Anastasia Godsey
  5. Daniel Pruett
  6. Jennifer Weiss
  7. Cate Hartzell
  8. Patrick Vejar
  9. Victor Salas-Rios
  10. Greg Ivers
  11. Gloria Herrera
  12. Scott Conover
  13. Joshua May

Bargaining Alternates

  1. Rhonda Morgan
  2. Farrell Hopkins
  3. Mark Thordsen
  4. Julia Beaudin
  5. Hismelia Cardier
  6. Twyla Kelley
  7. Bob Hendrick
  8. Michel Miller
  9. Juanita Vinson Imperial
  10. Thelma Reed
  11. Amanda Palmer
  12. Jordan Meyer
  13. Vesna Stone
  14. Erica Nolin
  15. Erin Lynch
  16. David Thornton

All write-in candidates received fewer votes than the alternates listed above. Write-in candidates will be contacted regarding their acceptance of the position if a position becomes available.