Published: November 15, 2023

We met with Addus management again on Tuesday, November 7. While it was a productive session Addus failed to provide us with an economic counter proposal. We wish we could give you more news about where we are on wages but the ball is in managements court at this point and we are just waiting on their response. We were able to reach agreement on two of the outstanding issues.  

First, and most importantly we agreed to maintain the current health insurance premium share of 15% per month. This will you’ll pay around $34 per pay period for the trust health insurance (this cost included family enrollment!). Please remember open enrollment is happening right now. If you haven’t yet enrolled you can find more information about the plans and how to enroll here: Healthcare Benefits for Long-Term Care Workers | Essential Worker Healthcare Trust  

Second, we agreed to a positive change in our Vacation and Sick Leave. We proposed, and Addus agreed, to combine the two separate banks of leave into one Paid Time Off (PTO) bank. This means you’ll have a lot more flexibility about how you utilize this leave. A brand new worker would accrue 12 days per year of leave and be able to utilize their accrued leave immediately after passing trial service. 

We currently don’t have any other bargaining dates scheduled. We are waiting for more dates from Addus management. We’ll keep you updated and in the mean time please reach out to your organizer if you have any questions. Ricardo Varela or text (503) 780-6629 

In Unity, 

Our SEIU Bargaining Team 

Lorna Burnell, Nicole Weiler, Charity Mills, Donald Hitchcock, Lottie Kirtley, Donnell Beck and Stacy Heath 


PS Below is a side-by-side of all the proposals 


  Union  Management   
1-Jul-23  $19.50-$23.00  $18.45-$19.05   
1-Jul-24  5% Increase  5% Increase   
CNA Differential  Union agreed to management counter of $0.50  $0.50 Per hour   
Payroll Errors  Addus pays for fees/overdrafts if Company makes error  Agree to union proposal   
Travel Time  Increase Mileage Reimbursement to $0.56  Maintain the current rate of $0.485   
Vacation/Sick Leave  Combine to one bank of PTO (accrue up to 12 days of PTO in first year of employment)  Agreed to Union Proposal  TA’d 
Healthcare  Agreed to 15% Premium Share (around $34 per pay check) for new Union Trust insurance/Including for family/dependent coverage  Proposed to keep current arrangement of 15% premium share paid by the employee  TA’d 
Holidays  Changes Floating Holiday to Juneteenth, would give all full-time employees Holiday Pay regardless of whether you work on the Holiday and would change the observed Holiday to be the actual Holiday if you work on the actual Holiday  In Agreement with Juneteenth only