Published: October 15, 2015

After close to four months of negotiations, our elected SEIU Bargaining Team reached a tentative agreement with Addus Healthcare on a new two-year Union contract. Our elected SEIU Bargaining Team unanimously recommends a “Yes” vote to immediately implement these new improvements.

We couldn’t have done this without providers standing strong together in our union. Providers made this contract possible by being members of our union, volunteering, and going to the State Capitol to advocate for Oregon families. We spent months of lobbying the Oregon State Legislature in order to secure rate increases for Addus. Our bargaining team fought to ensure that Addus would pass those rate increases on to us, and they have in a big way.

Our success has made us some powerful enemies, and they’re starting to come after us. Some well-funded anti-worker groups want to destroy our union because they have seen that when we join our voices and resources together, we have been incredibly effective. We won’t let anyone stop us from doing what’s right for the clients we serve. We’re sending them a message by joining together and recommitting our membership to show them – and the politicians in Salem – that we’re united.

The more providers become members of our union, the more power and resources we have to make improvements like this new contract! If you are not a member, or are not sure if you are a member, please take a moment to complete a membership form to show your fellow SEIU 503 members that you will stand united with them in the face of attacks on our union. By doing so, you will commit to being a member for at least one year. Even if you’re already a member, you can reaffirm your membership and contribute to CAPE. It will be even more important this next year for us all to contribute to CAPE. Your CAPE contribution will go towards working on revenue measures and defeating anti-union initiatives coming to the ballot.

Here are some of the details of our new two-year contract:

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