Published: October 2, 2023

Because union members came together and took action in our worksites, at the capitol, and in our communities, we were able to reach a tentative agreement that included a raise of $1.73 for all workers in January 2024, a pay scale which will ensure regular wage increases based on the amount of hours you work, and a raised hours cap on overtime—allowing workers a maximum of 20 overtime hours per week. Click here for more information on your 2023 contract.

If you are not a member, click here to join. Our union’s power to win strong wage increases and to protect our benefits comes from all of us joining together as homecare workers. States where homecare workers have no union have lower wages and worse benefits because workers can’t bargain from a position of strength. So join today!

One of our key wins was a package of cost of living increases (COLAs) and steps that will increase wages by an average of 18.7% over the next two years.

COLAs go into effect:

  • January 2024: A raise of $1.73 for all workers in January 2024
  • January 2025: $0.50 more (minimum wage of $20.00/hour)

Pay Scale:

  • And our new Pay Scale means an extra $1.00/hour raise for every 2,000 hours* you have worked since January 2023. Your total accumulated hours* will be checked every 6 months to see when you pass a threshold of 2,000 hours since January 2023. (*Overtime hours are not considered as part of the 2,000-hour threshold for the pay scale.)
  • The first Pay Scale raise will be in July 2024. Full-time caregivers could go up 2 steps during this contract, adding $2.00/hour to their base wage rate.

Many of us have been working unpaid hours to meet our clients’ needs because of the State’s hours cap. In our new contract, we won an increase in the hours cap to 60 hours per week. These extra hours of care – up to 20 hours of overtime per week – will be paid at time-and-a-half.

The calculator below will provide you with an estimate of your possible raise.

Homecare/PSW raise calculator

This calculator is an estimate of how your earnings will increase over the life of the new contract. This is an estimate only, for providers who have been working since January 2023 or before. It does not account for providers currently paid above the $17.77 base rate nor does it take into account providers who receive pay differentials or providers who are working as both a PSW and HCW.

If you have questions about how the contract affects your pay please contact your organizer. You can find their contact information here: Homecare and Personal Support Bargaining 2023