Published: May 10, 2019

Info and action about our movement to change the way we care for each other in Oregon

Care Power

Info and action about our movement

to change the way we care for each other in Oregon

Private agency homecare workers with commissioner Val Hoyle

Nicole Leseney, Alison Locke, Michelle Souder, Cooper Metzgus, Rachel Bennett, Nichole Harden

Care Agenda: Taking action to improve private agency homecare

Closing the companionship loophole for
private agency homecare workers

In March, non-union homecare workers who work at private homecare agencies met with Oregon Labor Commissioner Val Hoyle to share their experiences working in the sector.

“I told commissioner Hoyle about working 10-hour shifts and being told by my employer that I was not allowed to take breaks. For years, non-union homecare workers have been denied some of the basic labor protections that other Oregonians take for granted. With our Care Power campaign, THIS STOPS NOW!” said Alison Locke, who has been a homecare worker for more than 10 years.

Commissioner Hoyle, who has worked as a caregiver before her work as a legislator and now the state’s new Labor Commissioner, talked about her plan for improving and enforcing labor standards for non-union homecare workers, including closing the companionship exemption loophole in Oregon.

SEIU 503 Homecare Bargaining Team group photo with fists up

Care Power: State Homecare Bargaining

United for a Better Oregon

SEIU 503, Oregon’s care provider union, is currently working on opening bargaining proposals for our April 5 bargaining session. Our key priorities for 2019 so far include:

  • Fair wage increases
  • Creating a path to retirement
  • Making sure we get paid accurately and on time
  • Development of a Registry system that meets our needs as workers as well as the needs of our Consumers
  • Pathway to a training system that is accessible to us regardless of where we live, what type of services we provide, or what language we speak.
  • Protecting our Consumers’ hours from cuts—making sure we can win improvements to our pay and benefits, while also protecting their services.

Stay tuned for more details after our April 5th session with the State.

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Care Power: Care @Work

Why SB 669 matters for private agency homecare workers

“There are laws on the books. And they’re being ignored. [Senate Bill 669] will help us move forward, get out there, see more enforcement, and actually bargain. Protections don’t help us if they’re not being enforced.”

—Nicole Leseney, Private agency homecare worker

Four homecare workers wearing 'Care Power' t-shirst

An illustration of a mobile phone with a green checkbox on the screen

Systems Update: State Homecare

The New Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System for State Homecare workers

You may have heard about the new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system that the state will be rolling out over the coming year. Click below to learn about the new system and how SEIU members are responding.

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Care Power

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Women holding a purple 'Care Power' banner at the Portland Womxn's March

Care Power: In our community

Caregivers Rock Portland Womxn’s March

Holding “Union Women are Powerful” and “Care Power” signs, Portland-area caregivers marched loud and proud at the Portland Womxn’s march earlier this month.

“Caregivers are all around us,” said Aimée Franklin, a Portland CareWorks activist and former in-home care provider. “Because of their selflessness with their time and love, our family members and friends are cared for.”

“Since care work is considered women’s work, we as care providers are undervalued,” said SEIU homecare worker Tammy Tate. “We are organized and organizing, and as union women we march in solidarity with all women.”

Care Power: Upcoming Events

Help build Care Power in Oregon!


Lobby Day

Salem, April 1

Join us in Salem to support SB 669 to improve protections for private agency homecare workers.

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Film Screening

Eugene, April 17

Film & Panel Discussion
The Care Revolution:
The Transformation of Homecare in Oregon

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Know Your Rights!

Salem, April 27

Free workshop on legal rights for non-union Homecare workers, Home Health Aides and PCAs

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