Published: March 8, 2024

SEIU Local 503 is proud to launch an exciting new resource: a database of streamable labor movies. This innovative tool is a celebration of our collective victories and a testament to the power of storytelling in shaping the narrative around labor rights and union solidarity.

Introducing the SEIU 503 Labor Movies Database

Our Labor Movies Database is a curated collection designed to inspire, educate, and entertain. It showcases films that span the spectrum of labor struggles, victories, and the day-to-day experiences of workers fighting for their rights and dignity. From the historic strikes that have shaped labor laws to the personal stories of workers in today’s gig economy, this database covers it all.

Looking for something to watch right now? Every film in this collection is streamable — most of them for free, with others available on subscription-based streaming services.

  • Browsable, Filterable, Streamable: Browse films by genre, time period, country of origin, language, or rating. Each entry in the database includes links to streaming platforms where you can watch today. Whether you’re a subscriber to major streaming services or prefer free platforms, we’ve got you covered.
  • Curated recommendation lists: The database contains hundreds of films and is still growing. Need a quick list of recommendations? Check out the most popular labor movies of all time, or sort the list by date to see the newest releases in the collection.
  • Community Driven: Members can contribute by suggesting new titles, making our database a dynamic and evolving resource that reflects the diverse tastes and insights of our community.

Why Now?

The Oscars offer a moment to reflect on the stories that move us, challenge us, and bring us together. By launching this database in tandem with the Oscars, we’re celebrating the art of filmmaking, along with the role of unions in securing fair and just workplaces. Last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike is a powerful reminder of what we can achieve together, and these films serve to reinforce our resolve and commitment to solidarity.

Dive into the Stories of Solidarity

We invite you to explore the Labor Movies Database and find inspiration in the rich stories of struggle and success within the labor movement. As we celebrate the achievements of our fellow union actors and all workers who strive for fairness and equity, let’s also take this opportunity to deepen our understanding and appreciation of the pivotal role unions play in our society.

Enjoy these films as we honor our past victories and gear up for future challenges. Here’s to a fantastic Oscars season, filled with meaningful conversations about the world of work and its representation on the silver screen.

Solidarity Forever!