Published: April 1, 2020

The 2020 Census asks every person who lives in the United States to identify who lives in their household on April 1st. If you haven’t yet, please fill out your 2020 Census today.

Member-leader Hollie Murphy explains why it’s important that every member is counted.

Our families and neighbors thrive when we have good jobs, strong schools, and vibrant communities to grow in. Participating in the 2020 Census ensures that no matter our race, ability, age or gender, we all get the jobs, resources, and opportunities we need to get ahead. 

  • The 2020 Census will determine how more than $800 billion in federal government funding is distributed to our states, counties, and cities for the next decade.
  • Census data impacts essential parts of our everyday lives including where schools are built, new roads are paved and funding for recreational programs for youth and seniors. 
  • Having an accurate census is also critical for creating good, family-sustaining jobs for every community. This data is used to determine where job-training programs are created. And it helps businesses to decide where to locate new facilities and hire more employees.

The U.S. Census has never been easier to complete, and you can do it while self-isolating. To complete the Census, go to or call 1-844-330-2020. There’s also Census support available in a number of languages other than English.

SEIU 503 is proud to partner with the #WeCountOregon campaign to ensure that everyone in our state–black, white, brown, documented or not–is counted so Oregon can receive the maximum benefits possible, including our fair share of $800 billion in federal funding each year for the next decade and add an additional seat in Congress.