Published: April 17, 2023

State Employees will Rally at the Capitol on June 8th!

Join us at the Oregon Capitol to rally on June 8th to fight for real wage increases, workplace safety, manageable workloads, and to end the State workforce crisis! Over 10,000 of us signed the petition, now it’s time to show up in person to send management a message that a Cost-of-Living Adjustment less than inflation is not acceptable. RSVP today!

Central Table Update

Our central table team met with state management both last week and this week. At this session, the state responded to our proposal to raise the minimum pay in our contract to $22/hour by giving us a proposal that would bring up the wage floor to $19.62 by the end of the contract. While this is a step towards our proposal, it doesn’t go far enough and it only addresses recruitment problems, not retention. Management also offered a package proposal with six contract changes, most of which were changes in state management’s favor.

Our team gave the state proposals that require them to produce the biannual salary and benefit report by October of the year before we bargain our contract. Our proposal would also give our union the ability to review comparison data and have input into how the state conducts the market analysis. Additionally, we passed a proposal to move all language in the contract related to CDLs into one article so they are easy to find.

We rejected management’s proposal to cut internal job posting requirements from 10 business days to five calendar days. Instead, our team is proposing to maintain our current contract language of 10 business days.